Saturday, September 17, 2005

You, Holy Foole, are invited to a new virtual community. . .

Suggested Guidelines and Mission for Followers of Divine Foolishness
(A new blog on Fools for Christ, really?" has been initiated. Go to Paschal's writing page to find, at

1. We are asked to love God mightily, passionately, without holding back, with our whole heart, mind, soul and strength, and then our neighbor as ourselves. This is the core of Jesus’ teaching, as well as the central part of every Wisdom tradition, although defined diversely.

2. We “Fools for Christ, really?” members choose to surrender to this invitation, and to regard this surrender as essential to discovering our true nature.

3. We do this for love’s sake, with no other reward or outcome expected. Because we believe that when we live inside this kind of Amazement, amazement of Love grows, and all the way to heaven is heaven, too. We soon find giftedness everywhere–a Celtic Spirituality–and new reasons daily for gratitude and humility, another day to love mightily.

4. We conceive as this kind of Foolish Giving as a huge sisterhood / brotherhood, a virtual community of faith, joined only by intention and loving, embracing the Divine yearning for intimate belonging that our hearts all share.

5. We are committed to daily meditation, walking consciously in the Light, and pushing the envelope, both our own and that of others.

6. We commit ourselves to risking love and vulnerability daily by act(s), singular and plural, of unexpected kindness and generous self-giving. We have no other rules. We choose to walk by love.

7. We commit ourselves to develop some talent that can be used to magnify God’s Love. To awaken others to the hidden spells that control and constrict Amazement of God that each of us truly is, inwardly grasped.

“How are you today?” is the ritual greeting we often exchange with others. The Blessed Fool can always answer, “Blessed!” (blessed again, blessed once more, blessed beyond all human recognition, undeservedly) This brief word, Blessed, is the “handshake,” of a shared faith community and ongoing recognition because it invites us (and others) into the inner space of Love Embraced, of "amazed again."

The Kingdom Jesus announced is already here, waiting for us to recognize it all around us. Namaste'. today.
“My soul magnifies the Lord, my spirit rejoices in God my saviour.”
Today, in Lexington, Kentucky, we gather to celebrate A Celtic Spirituality, by drumming and story-telling and sharing food. Later I am privileged to witness two weddings.
Note: posting of other aspects of the Foolishness of Divine Loves and invitations to walk as Fools can be found in various writing blogs of Paschal at, but ongoing discussion is invited here on this blog. Other heart-folk are invited.


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