Friday, June 03, 2011

How my new book is differetn from related and possibily competing book son storytelling.

Compared with related and possibly competing books on storytelling, my book
storytelling, Mystery, Power and Genius
(now being completed):
1. Is experiential, that I (now being c0ompleted):, it emerges from the experience of storytelling with literally thousands of children and adults in many venues and in several disciplines.
2. Illustrates the theme of the power of story by the narrative of one life journey (the author’s_
3. Demonstrates how storytelling shaped human nature and modern civilization down through the ages, from prehistory and antiquity to modern times.
4. Integrates the two great stories about Who we are” from Evolution and Revelation.
5. Explains repeatedly how storytelling nurtured and nurture ((with children) the human spirit.
6. Shows how the power of religious story has shaped civilization, from a non-ideaoological interfaith point of view
7. Uses storytelling practice with many examples to continually inform the explanations.
8. Brings into focus the cognitive science of the brain already hardwired for story with educational applications.
9. Explains the urgent need of children for oral storytelling.
10. Is a comprehensive integrated Guide emerging from cross-disciplinary experience, with examples of diverse applications and original stories. It Is comprehensive enough to serve as a basic resource for the new college courses emerging addressing "The Power of Story.:
11. Uses the actual experience of a variety of storytellers to illustrate the art and the craft of storytelling, in their own words.
12. Employs research on attitudes toward storytelling to demonstrate the changes in a school environment after the addition of a program of oral storytelling.

June 3, 2011


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