Friday, May 21, 2010

My storytelling, Paschal, May 21, 2010

I cannot believe the fun, enthusiasm and excitement I am having as I approach my 81st birthday. Yesterday, at Liberty elementary, I told folk fairy taels to four classes, some 100 first grades. The librarians took our picture, which I will post here when get some help from son Griff. I was also able to attend a KPA workshop in Louisville today, Narrative storyteling to Facilitate Attachment, by Myra Lawrence, an exceptional teacher and clinician from Argosy University of Chicago

Was able to promote my passion of Spellbinder storyteliing as an encore career for some 30 psychologists and challenge them to start their own Louisville chapter, by bragging on what Lexington was doing and passing out Spellbinder brochures.

Dr. Lawrence was very experienced clinical and an excellent teacher. KPA should be congratulated in bringing this kind of talent to Kentucky. Really great insights and handouts. She demonstrated what storytelling does for children. More on this,,, hopefully later. Luckily we missed the storms driving both ways. Janette was gracious to drive me. Class was fortunately held on the U of L Shelby campus this side of Louisville.

I am incredibly lucky at this time in my life. Got in another 24 laps swimming at the North Y yesterday after my storyteling. I cannot believe the fun I am having. Yesterday, 51 years ago, I was ordained to the Catholic priesthood. Faith itself is my greatest blessing. Faith changes everything. I have a new Open “Letter to Thinking Catholics” being written for the National catholic Reporter, with the goal of sending it next week.

Paschal Baute, Noblesse Oblige


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