Saturday, March 06, 2010

A Dream Catcher's Guidebook to Spellbinder Storytelling

I am compiling articles and handouts I have created to Empaling, Understand and Promoting storytelling for a portfolio. I am asking the Life Long Osher program at UK to copy this for my upcoming course. I plan to make The Dream Catchers Guidebook, to be published this summer. Spellbinders benefit for proceeds. Price will be printing cost plus a donation to Lexington Spellbinders. When I compiled this list today, I am surprised to find I have so many.

Handouts and articles on storytelling

Changing Worlds by Telling Stories, workshop given to Ohio Psychol0gists 2008..
Charlie Hardy, Spellbinder, an Interview by Paschal Baute
Charlies Eyer, Spellbinder, An interview by Paschal Baute.
Could Our Brains Be Hardwired for Metaphor and Story?
Cynthia changaris, storyteller. An Interview by Paschal Baute
Engagement Tips 1 Practice . Famous Movie Lines.
Engagement Tips 2 (storytelling practice)
Have You Met the Wizard of IS? (7 laws of behavior)
How Storytelling Began
Paschal’s Creation Midrash
“Paschal the Rascal Rocks!!!” Why Children love Storytellers
Power of Story, Relevant Quotes, Other College Syllabi
Ruth Sawyer, Pioneer Storyteller, some quotes
Satan Goes for a Walk with a Devil Apprentice.
Seven Brothers I grew up with
Seven Great Plots in Story
Stories We tell Ourselves.
The Theology of Storytelling.
The P family of Mice in a Dairy Barn: How 13 our of 15 perished.
The Very first Storyteller
The Eureka Experience at age four that shaped my life.
The Theology of Story
Thomas Freese, Storyteller, An interview by Paschal Baute
Twelve Guidelines for Healing Storytellers
We Become the Story We Believe
What Story Does
What Metaphor Does
When Children Learn to Tell Stories
Why We Tell Stories
Why We Are So Ready to be Caught by Story?
Yes! Storytelling in Education.


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