Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Thousand Children

A Thousand Children

Never would I have imagined having so much fun at this time in my life. Not ever three years ago when I started Spellbinder storytelling to children in Fayette County. Could not have foreseen such energy and passion.

Since August 1, I have told to over one thousand children. This includes neighboring Scott County, three trips to Cassidy Elementary, two trips to Brian Station Middle, children at the Shalom summer camp, an adult care center, my jail birds, non-violent addictive offenders functioning at the level of emotional children, in a special program in the Fayette Detention Center, and four classes at Yates Elementary.

My ultimate compliment cam last week in a response to a request for my services from a new private school, when the Public Librarian referred to me as “Spellbinder extraordinaire,” Bt my best ever compliment came from my granddaughter, age 5, siting in the first row at Cassidy, who got up, walked up my side, tapped me n my shoulder and asked, “Poppy, can I stand beside you?” I could have died and gone to heaven at that moment.

The joy, enthusiasm, energy and fun has been surprising. In fact, I cannot think of a better way to go, than before an amused and enchanted group of children. Wow. Expect me to pass on while telling stories. Can you think of a better way?

I have two children’s stories looking for an illustrator, or publisher, and a book on Story: Power, Vision and Agent of cultural change, with twelve chapters already. I am expecting an invitation from a high school, an private school, one of my elementary schools, whose librarian is still trying to get her schedule together. I am hoping from an invitation from a local Speech and Hearing Center, and to return to Shriners Hospital this fall.

I could not have imagined having such fun, energy, enthusiasm and creativity for my own writing that Spellbinders has given me.

“Paschal the Rascal
“Spellbinder extraordinaire,”
Lexington, Ky
September 20, 2009


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