Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Upcoming Storytelling workshops, KSA, November

Kentucky Storytelling Association.
This workshop is scheduled for November 8, 2008ln Saturday,
at the annual conference of KSA, see website for more information.


Paschal Baute. Ed. D. see www.paschalbaute.com, click on "Curriculum Vitae" third link from top right side bar on my home page.

Charles Eyer, M.S. Both Charlie and Paschal are active members of the Spellbinders group telling stories to public school children in Fayette County. Charlie is a retired L.S.U. medical researcher and professional photographer.

Members of the spiritual Growth Network will assist as they and we have been studying storytelling as a conveyor of Wisdom for many months.

Title of Activity: "Changing Worlds By Telling Stories. in two parts.

Level of Participant’s Prior Knowledge of Topic:
□X Little/None □ Some □ Extensive □ Teaching

Target Audience: Any adult care-giver, teacher, nurse, coach, minister, social worker, nurse, physician, psychologist.

Workshop/Course Description:

part 1. (45 minutes) Catching Wisdom stories.

The bane of religion today is close-mindedness. We demonstrates how to extract the best of traditional Wisdom stories to create new but ancient paths for inspiration, growth and faith development.

Reference: (many, handouts prepared)

part 2. (45 min) Learning to access and tell our own “wisdom” stories

Each of us is in truth a survival story and we are heroes in our own movies. In this workshop we learn to recognize the beauty, uniqueness and differing gifts of our own stories and risk sharing them with others.

Participants will learn
1) appreciation of the universality of wisdom stories in literature, children's fables and bible stories
2) the process and power of accessing their own "wisdom" stories
3) acceptance of the differing gifts and energies in each other and the "wisdom of the crowd."


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