Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Truth and Story, a journey of partnering.

Truth and Story. A happy marriage.

Truth went around the world seeking acceptance and welcome. But everyone ran and hid from truth. They were scared of him. He was naked. So few ever glimpsed or knew Truth

The one day, Truth saw a lovely woman attractively dressed down the road talking with a circle of friends. He was astonished. He approached her and asked: “what is your name?

My name is Story, she said. Looking him up and down, she said, I could dress you and we could go together. Truth liked the idea very much and so they did.

Their marriage lasted for a thousand years. Then one day, as if from a dream, Truth woke up. I am just realizing that humans are using our stories to elevate themselves over other humans and to divide the human race. I am mortified to be used that way. Truth wanted to be used well for good purposes.
O e might say Truth was having a mid life crisis.

Story disagreed. That is not our problem, she proclaimed, We are not responsible for how humans use us, And so they argued and argued tremendously. Truth would thunder and Story would strike. They argued long and hard, so long, you can still hear them in the thunder and lightning that precede rain.

Finally, they compromised. We will tell only those stories that cannot be used for selfish purpose they agreed. Andso they told only stories about the Power of Love.

Until one day Truth exclaimed Why humans are still using our stories of love to one up each other. Some humans say their stories have more love than that of other tribes. Both Truth and Story decided to stop, as they were by now both old and tired.

What shall we do with our Golden years, they asked each other. Why not tell stories to Children, fairy folk tales and hope we can touch children with the power of imagination, delight and courage.

And so they did and they were both very happy, delighting many children with their art and craft, wonder and awe of the mystery and magic in storytelling.

Now this is not the end of he story but the beginning....


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