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New Storytelling Experience. March 2, Journal.

Journal, May 2, 2007

New storytelling experiences.

Although I have been using stories, writing stories and telling stories since the middle 1980s, and leading a few workshops on storytelling for the Spiritual Growth Network of Kentucky for several years, I risked taking this focus to a new level this past month.

I volunteered to lead three workshops on "Building Bridges between Faith and Psychology, Use of Story to Change" for Ohio Psychologists at their annual retreat on the Union between Psychology and Spirituality (where I have twice presented before but not on this subject). So this was my first attempt to persuade professional care-givers, a group of psychologists about the power of story to heal and to change. This had never been mentioned in their graduate school education.

I presented three workshops, a 101a, 101b, and 102, each three hours. I designed them to be participative and active learning. I collected brief evaluations from participants at the end and these are summarized elsewhere on this blog. OPA retreat evaluations.

Today I received the official evaluations reported to the OPA sponsors. I am very pleased with the results reported. Most every person rated the workshops highly, and there was not a single negative response. Most gave me a "5" Strongly Agree, to all 8 statements on Content, and to all 6 statements on Instructor. Comments added were: "Great topics and presentation. Lots of good practice," and "Please get him next time again.".

All but two checked Overall Rating as "Met My expectations and the other two were "Exceeded my expectations." Psychologists, whether young or very experienced can be tough raters for their peers presenting. I did not expect this degree of positive evaluations. Several present had deeply moving experiences of inner reconciliation of parts of their own story. I am very happy with these reports..

I am also pleased that I risked stretching myself in planning and leading these workshops. I enjoy pushing my own envelope. I am now ready to repeat these kind of workshops for other care-giving professionals. In fact, I have already offered to do so for the Kentucky Storytelling Association of which I am a member. Maybe in Lexington and elsewhere. I am scheduled for storytelling at a church conference for women and another at Natasha’s café in downtown Lexington, both in April. I am also enjoying helping others to tell their own stories and learning to discern what kind of story someone might need for a new window for themselves.

This is allowing me to integrate a great deal of my experience and passion, building bridges between faith, spirituality, wellness and science, to empower others. Thanks for listening.

Remnder: Our SGN monthly workshops and quarterly retreats focus on the power of story and the shadow side of story. Our next one is March 12-14. Knobs Haven, Loretto Motherhouse, Nerinx, Ky..


Paschal Baute.

My storytelling blog is AMAZEMENT on my writing page.

Truth used to run around the world naked. Everyone was frightened and avoided him. He saw someone dressed in beautiful robes surrounded by friends.

Truth asked her name. She answered, "I am story. I could dress you."

And from that day forth Truth and Story traveled mostly together, but not always."

--A Jewish tale


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