Sunday, January 22, 2006


Presenter: Paschal Baute, Ed. D.
February 18, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Potluck, at Paschal’s conference room (directions below)

People of ancient civilizations have all known a wisdom via storytelling. Stories map our inspirations, our hopes, our memories and our dreams. There is a wisdom in each of us we do not even know we have. We introduce a creative collaborative process to access and recapture this wisdom: relearning how stories can guide, summon and empower us.

Paschal will demonstrate how to create quickly a felt sense of rapport for a workshop, convention or gathering by using stories and storytelling. This workshop is a method for creating an environment where people appreciate the diversity of gifts among us and collaborate to enhance our mutual trust, hope and vision. It teaches effective skills for authentic community across boundaries.

This learning-by-doing method is known by various names: “Jumpstart Storytelling” or better, “Springboard Storytelling” and storytelling as knowledge management. A list of resources is provided for this emerging art and skill.

Educational Objectives. Participants will:
1) Appreciate storytelling as a bridge builder for creating authentic community.
2) Learn the power of accessing stories for effective collaboration in changing worlds.
3) Practice this method for welcoming the diversity of gifts among us.
4) Begin to trust one’s own wisdom to influence others to find their unique stories.
5) Have experienced a model for leading others in the use of stories and storytelling
AUDIENCE INFO: No background or training necessary.


Paschal has been developing storytelling as a tool for building bridges and changing worlds for various groups. He used storytelling to present two retreat workshops to Ohio Psychologists on Sex and the Sacred and Celtic Spirituality. He is a Board Member of the Kentucky Storytelling Association, and is currently helping plan a KSA Storytellers festival program at the Berea Arts and Crafts Fair, May 20 and 21.
For more information, see his web page at Then scan down right sidebar to “Amazement” storytelling blog.

Paschal has been applying psychology to the workplace for some 33 years to over 50 companies in central Kentucky. He has presented workshops for many professionals, and is the author of Win - Win Finesse: the Art of Dealing Positively with Negative Feelings . Currently he is Coordinator of the Human Resource Management Program for the School for Career Development, Midway College. Midway, Kentucky. He also teaches Ethics, Theology, Philosophy and Business Communication there.

This workshop is open to the public. SGN does not require registration fee but RSVP is necessary by date of Feb. 11. Registration limited to 25. Tel 859-293-5302: or email Conference room is at lower level, 4080 Lofgren Court, Lexington. This is just off US 60 Winchester Road, near the Clark County line, five miles east of the Man O War Extension. This workshop is sponsored by the Spiritual Growth Network of Kentucky, now in its 17th year.