Thursday, August 31, 2006


Central Kentucky Training in Storytelling / healing stories
Storytelling and Healing Stories 101, September 16
Sponsor: Spiritual Growth Network of Kentucky
Paschal Baute’s Conference room, Winchester Road, Lexington.
Fee before September 7, $5.00. After Sept 7, $10.00 if space available.
Participants limited to 20 persons.
Date: Saturday, September 16, 9:30 to 3:30. Brown bag lunch.
Leaders: Paschal Baute, Carolyn Franzini, Mary Kane and Mike Kavanaugh
Directions sent upon registration.
Email, Tel (859) 293-5302.

Educational Objectives. Participants will:
1) Value STORY as a powerful avenue for healing and change.
2) Learn how to discover and design healing stories.
3) Understand some of the dynamics of effective storytelling.
4) Practice accessing some of the transforming aspects of your own story.
5) Experience a model for leading others in the use of healing stories & storytelling.

AUDIENCE INFO: No professional background or training necessary. People involved in care-giving of all professions and occupations are invited. More information, see blog Amazement, at

We expect to continue this focus in Lexington with monthly meetings for those interested.


Paschal has been developing storytelling as a tool for building bridges and changing worlds for many groups. He used storytelling in retreat workshops for Ohio Psychologists with the theme of the Union of Psychology and Spirituality. He is a member of the national Healing Story Alliance, the Kentucky Storytelling Association and the Lexington Spellbinders storytellers group. He is sem-retired from thirty years of clinical work as a psychologist. He coordinates the Human Resource Management curriculum for the School for Career Development at Midway College, Midway, Kentucky and has a prison ministry program for men and women with volunteers.

.Paschal is a storyteller in the Celtic Tradition, which celebrates the sacredness of all of nature and each person as blessed by birth. His stories illustrate many spiritual truths and invite an authentic response to one’s own journey, one’s own story of healing and transformation. He is a priest, poet, psychologist, author, college teacher, and community activist in issues of peace, justice and prison reform. His most recent book Win - Win Finesse, The Art of Dealing Positively with Negative Feelings uses story to illustrate 17 spiritual values as well as a world changing creative method of dealing with conflict. Paschal is assisted by members of the Spiritual Growth Network.

For more information, telephone 859.293-5302. Email Or see his web page at Then scan down right sidebar to “Amazement” storytelling blog/

Early bird registration fee before September 7 $5.00. After September 7, $10.00 Limited to 20 persons.
These workshops will be held at Paschal’s conference room on Winchester Rd, 9:30 to 3:00 pm. Brown bag luncheon. directions upon registration to Paschal.