Thursday, October 22, 2009

You Become the Story You Believe, on the POwer of story

A program by Paschal Baute, adapted from Jim Loehr Power of Story.

1. Recognize the Diversity of Influences in Your Story. Parents, family, teachers, caches, ministers, friends, lovers, place where you grew up, stories you were told, or liked. See story program.

2. Identify your purpose, your ultimate mission (separate list)
Jump start? How do you want to be remembered,? Legacy, epitaph, Eulogy? What is worth dying for, What makes your life really worth living? Etc.

3. Facing the Truth: How functional / dysfunctional are your story? Inventory, what needs changing? See Personal History Questionnaire. Where are the areas you feel stuck, need work, prefer not to talk about, have some shame about? Be brutally honest..

4. Select a Story to work on. All the core stores of our lives need editing. Which of the stories selected in Step 3 cause you the most concern, grief, pain or misalignment with your Mission? This becomes your Training Mission: will you commit to work in the next 90 days?

5. Write the story you have been telling yourself that has allowed the misaligned to occur Include the faulty assumptions and logic (private inner voices) that permitted and encouraged this. For example, how have you made your stuck places okay to live with? Understand the Drama Triangle, ask for TA Checklist.

6. Read your old story. How does it make you feel? Stupid? Embarrassed? Shamed? Sick? Does it stir powerful feelings of disgust ? Can you see and feel how it has kept you stuck and shaped you in ways you do not want?

7. Appreciate the undeserved giftedness of your life up to now: life itself, love and kindness received., family, friends, teachers, parents, , siblings, opportunities taken (and passed), born in this country, at this time, with these chances., all that you have survived, whatever faith, hope or love has sustained you.

8. Write a New Story. Who will you become to achieve the success of your mission? Your new story should inspired you to take hope-filled action. It becomes your destiny. As with your old story, getting your new story right, will take several drafts, maybe over months.

9. Create new Rituals. Design new rituals to ensure that your new story becomes your destiny. These new rituals should address and embrace all aspect of your life, including diet, exercised, friendship, affection, meditation, etc., so that the rituals become habits and attitudes.

10. Cultivate accountability. Establish a daily log or record for the rituals you have committed to. This exercised trains the will to persist, to endure, not to slack off. Some kind of notebook or record keeping is important and will help stay the energy. Become obsessive about this. Review occasionally with a friend, and review periodically.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

KSA Workshop, Richmond Ky Nov 7

KSA Workshop Title:
Your Own Story: writing, owning and telling

Presenters: Paschal Baute. Ed. D., and Charlie Eyer, M. S.

Each of us is a survivor and we are hard-wired for stories. By examining and owning your own story, you will increase the power of your storytelling. Ways to begin this personal journey are explored and assessed.

Participants will learn

1. To reclaim the values and power hidden in one's own lives.

2. To recognize places, events and times where a reframe occurred.

3. To view setbacks as stepping stones for a life well lived with courage and compassion.

Time needed: 45 min

Levels: Basic

see my blogs Amazement and Lexington Spellbinders at my website, plus

Christopher Booker: The Seven Basic Plots of Story

Jim Loehr. The Power of Story (reviewing your destiny in business and in life).

Steven Denning. The Secret Language of Leadership

Annette Simmons. Whoever Tells the Best Story Wins. .

address for Paschal

4080 Lofgren Ct.