Saturday, March 14, 2009

Why We Live In Stories, Tell stories and are a storied people.

Why We Live In Stories, Tll Stori8es and Are a Storied People.

I. Because we remember sitting around the fire in the cave still shivering realizing that we would survive another long winter after a sparse Fall hunt. And we welcomed signs of Spring with stories of how successful the next hunt would be. . .

II. Because we belied the monsters we would encounter would be overcome by hook or crook, by our skill,, our bravery and our cunning, and that against all odds, we would prevail..

III. Because we were poor and dreamed of treasures to be found, and we believed we were worthy and by great deeds we would go from rags to riches.

IV. Because our toes were once roots in the soil. and our fingers leaves as we stretch from earth to grow toward some sun, our hearts soared with eagles, and one day, we actually flew with birds in the sky.

V. Because we had floated open eyed in the oceans for a million years knowing only where to breathe better and find food in the great space between surface and bottom, and now, finally, we could speak.

VI. Because our children believed they could fly, remembering in dreams when their arms were wings and they could rise above their worlds. , and we remembered that our hearts still needed wings.

VII. Because our people are the best and the bravest and because the stories we tell really do help us in the hunt and when we must fight, and because we are the ones our ancestors lived for.

VIII. Because our stories made us braver and more determined and skillful than other tribes, and because of our stories, we would continue to survive against all odds.

IX. Because we believed that our women could love only us and that our children were destined for fame and fortune that would prove their parents had been the best, and that what happened for the best happened because of us.

X. Because we remembered our great warriors Black Elk and White Hawk and loved to tell of their skill and bravery in the hunt, and because we believed their spirits gave us courage and made our tribe more brave.

XI. Because we are still fascinated by the Mysterious and Beauty and Love and Adventure, and our hearts never cease to lifted in wonder and awe.

XII. Because our hearts will not be stilled by death or loss or chaos and because we know deep in our DNA that we shall over come whatever challenges Life brings. And because our stories remind us of the Beauty, Love and Courage we can find to overcome whatever.
© Paschal Baute. 2009
Inspiration from Lisa Mueller