Friday, March 23, 2007

KSA 2007 Conference proposal workshops, by Paschal

Using Stories for Healing and Change 101 and 102

Presenter: Paschal Baute, Ed. D Pastoral Psychologist

Program Length: Each is ninety minutes

Demonstration and practice

(KSA Board: Please edit as needed for program). .

Stories map our inspirations, our hopes, our memories and our dreams. Story is the most powerful method of influence, persuasion and change. We are storied people with many levels to our storied lives.. .

Story, from Bible times on, has been employed to inspire, guide and even give identity to a people. The narrative and metaphor in story elicits an authentic response on one’s own terms. Paschal’s stories invite wonder and awe about the mysteries of life, love and faith. In these workshops we learn to design stories. perhaps even using our own stories.

Healing Story Workshop # 101 provides an overview of how story has shaped civilization, our society and individuals; also covers how story can blind us to reality, and how a new story can heal and transform. Also how to make stories more effective. Limit: 12 participants..

Healing Story Workshop # 102: Recognizes therapeutic challenges. Each participant chooses a favorite or personal story or folktale to share in dyads, with coaching and feedback. Participants learn how to listen and coach and to shape stories. .Limit 12 participants

Participants will:

1) Value STORY as a powerful avenue for transformation and change.

2) Explore how stories speak to emotional and spiritual needs of others.

3) Understand some of the dynamics of effective storytelling.

4) Practice accessing some of the transforming aspects of storytelling. This objective is for those who complete workshops, 101 and 102.

About the Presenter:

Paschal Baute taught a version of this workshop for Ohio Psychologists for continuing education credits in February of 2007 and references are available. He has been creating stories and developing storytelling as a tool for building bridges and changing worlds since the 1980s. He is a member of the national Healing Story Alliance, the Kentucky Storytelling Association and the Lexington Spellbinders storytellers group. He coordinates the Human Resource Management program at Midway college and has various ministries.

His most recent book, "Win - Win Finesse, The Art of Dealing Positively with Negative Feelings ," uses story to illustrate 17 spiritual values as well as a work -changing creative method of dealing with negative feelings at work. He has led these workshops at a recent retreat for Ohio Psychologists with rave reviews.

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His storytelling blog is AMAZEMENT



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