Wednesday, September 05, 2007

But is the story TRUE?

“But is the story TRUE?” asked the second grader?

TRUE is what has meaning for us.
TRUE is what helps us understand our world.
The mysteries of nature, life and love,

TRUTH is something that speaks to the heart
about beauty, courage, hope and love.

Did something happen exactly that way?
Maybe we can’t ever know for sure, because no eye witnesses are here to tell us.
Even if we had eye witnesses, they would report different views and stories.

The story of what happened has been repeated many times,
and the meaning of the story for us can be far more clear later
than right away.

What really counts
Does the story still somehow speak
to our heart?
Is there a lesson, some “chicken soup: for the soul?

About caring about hope
about courage, about love,

Stories teach us to wonder, to dream, to risk, to give,
to become more aware.
Think of the parables of the Good Samaritan, or the Prodigal Son,
Stories teach us to see our own lives as part of the Great Adventure that they are.

Meditation, Paschal, September 5, Wednesday.


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